Go Somewhere Amazing

Here in the Virgin Islands, it is not just the journey, but it really is about the location that can make your memories for life. In the Caribbean there are so many hidden gems for you to discover with our experienced Captains, adventure awaits!
This directory is made of some of our favorite spots in the Virgin Islands and is where our customers can play an active part in shaping the itinerary. Have you always wanted to snorkel with Sea Turtles, visit a secluded beach only accessible by boat, or maybe enjoy a taco bar you can literally swim up to? Let us know, and we’ll incorporate your wishes into a day you and your family will never forget.
We recommend you browse the list of our favorite locations and let us know if you have any questions or requests!

Best Virgin Island Beaches

The Virgin Islands are made up of U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) and the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and are home to some of the world’s most beautiful and stunning beaches. You’re undoubtedly miles away from any anxieties when you’re enjoying the beaches surrounded by the warm turquoise water of the Caribbean.
Not only are the tropical beaches of USVI/BVI breathtaking, but there’s a beach for everyone’s preferred tastes. Perhaps you want to frolic in the waves of world-famous Trunk Bay on St. John and snorkel. Or maybe you would choose to explore a tiny uninhabited island like Sandy Spit Beach in BVI with only the sound of lapping waves in the breeze.
The Virgin Islands is home to a wide selection of the best beaches anywhere, with our favorites listed below. However, many are remote or challenging to navigate from the mainland. Tell our professional, licensed Captains what sort of beach day you’re looking for, and let us take you there.

Best Virgin Island Snorkeling

Depending on where you are in the Islands— calm harbors where turtles snack on seagrass, or hidden caverns full of parrotfish, you’ll see something new and exciting at every excellent snorkeling spot.
Of course, not every snorkeling spot is the same. Different terrains, locations, and ecosystems bring out a variety of marine animals. Everything from the Eagle Rays is often spotted at Christmas Cove to the sea turtles you may discover off of The Baths at Virgin Gorda.

Each spot may be different, but nearly all of these world-famous snorkeling spots have one thing in common: you’ll need a boat to get you there. Let us help you plan the perfect day of sun-soaked snorkeling at some of our favorite spots.

Our favorite bars and restaurants in the Virgin Islands don’t take anything too seriously- except what they’re delivering to customers! There is a wide range of excellent and memorable options in the Virgin Islands, many of which are only accessible by boat. Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for!

Depending on your vision for a perfect day on the water, you can enjoy swim-up tacos at Lime Out or even gourmet oven-baked pizza to order on a Pizza Pi sailboat. Whatever you decide, you won’t be sorry (or hungry!).

Best Virgin Island Sight Seeing

It may seem obvious to say there are things to see in the Virgin Islands, and we’ve featured some of our favorites below. As soon as you land by airplane or cruise ship, it’s quickly evident that the Caribbean islands are full of picturesque palm trees, beaches, and camera-friendly iguanas. Of course, you likely knew that before you even arrived. Many of these fantastic sights are only accessible by boat and are scattered around the Virgin Islands. That’s why they make great “anchors” to any chartered boat excursion itinerary.

Best Virgin Island Shopping

While sitting on the beach all day is the dream for some of our guests, others enjoy the world-class shopping available in the Virgin Islands. St. Thomas is well-known for its jewelry stores, yet there are other beautiful shops around the islands. If you require some retail therapy on your day of island-hopping in the Virgin Islands, we would be delighted to take you to other shopping spots along the way!